Workshops and Courses for You and Your Employees

We offer workshops and courses around all of our main topics: innovation management, digitization, process management, project management and service management. Whether you are interested in design thinking workshops, digitization or innovation management courses, or project management workshops – we support you in your efforts to prepare your company for the future.

Our workshops “digitization & innovation” aim at increasing your creativity, generation of ideas, your design thinking and innovation culture. In doing so, we reveal and develop your creative skills.


With us, you can offer your employees a first-class training opportunity. The acquired skills can right away be applied within your company. This helps you and your employees to achieve defined targets.


If you are looking for workshops or courses for your company in the south of Germany, you found the right partner. We are located in the Blackforest-Baar region close to Donaueschingen and are happy to come to your company if you are in the vicinity of Basel, Freiburg, Stuttgart, Nuremberg or Munich.


Feel free to contact us for a special quote even if you happen to be further away. We happily make a trip to come see you in Germany or Switzerland.

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Workshop Ideas and other Trainings for You and Your Employees

The main focus of our workshops are digitization and innovation management. We also offer management services workshops: process management, project management, and service management.


We have various packages for our workshops and trainings that you can book with us. Of course we are happy to adapt them specifically to your needs or create entirely new workshops, courses, and trainings for your employees. Our workshops can roughly be grouped into three levels:

Discover Workshops

We recommend our half-day Discover Workshops if you want to discover a new topic in the area of innovation management or digitization or if you want to learn more about process management, project management, and service management.


The key topics include:

• The meaning of innovation management for a modern company
• Strategic measures for the implementation and realization of innovation management
• Opportunities and risks within digitization


The goal is to provide you a first look at a new topic or go more in depth about a known topic.

Theme Workshops

Theme Workshops are more intense than our Discover Workshops and focus on an existing challenge or ongoing task in your company for 1-2 days.


In a preliminary conversation, we discuss the existing challenge and define the contents, the desired goal as well as the scope of the workshop.


We offer theme workshops for all of our service areas.


Your employees can apply the resulting work products directly to their work once the workshop is over.

Master Workshops

Would you and your employees like to examine and implement new opportunities for your company in the long run? In that case, our Master Workshops are what you need.


Whether it is about the effects of digitization on our company, which opportunities your company might take advantage of with innovation management or the more traditional topic areas process management, service management or project management: We carefully examine the chosen topic with you.


Depending on the complexity of the problem, we prepare a series of workshops that your attendees can attend for days, weeks, or even months.


The Master Workshops are perfect for companies that want to examine these topics in the long run, that want to implement specific solutions supported by professionals, or that want to offer their employees the chance of a continued education within the company itself.

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