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Portal Visions 2018: Impressions and What I Learned

Portal Visions – The Intrexx Conference

As you already know, I was a participant as well as a speaker at the Portal Visions – The Intrexx Conference in Freiburg. I will post all the details about my presentation on innovation management here very soon. But today, I want to just share my impressions of the conference and the other presentations.


Freiburg is always worth a trip and the keynotes and speakers were all really interesting. I especially enjoyed the presentation by Jang Engler of the Sick AG about the topic „Industry 4.0 as the connector between the IT world and the industrial automation“.


Mr. Engler demonstrated the current challenges in a humorous way and shared where he sees the future challenges in the area of automation and industry 4.0. Especially the area of the current and future kinds of communication in industrial plants were very well described. The continuous use of IP-based communication in future process control systems will also change the structure of the plants in a lasting way. And companies will face the fact that the automated collection and processing of data for further analysis will be a competitive advantage in the value-added process in the future.


Overall, it was great to see how much is happening in the areas of digitization and innovation management in Germany as a whole, but particularly in our region.


Were you also at Intrexx 2018? What did you like best?

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