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A Masters in Project Management – Is It Worth It?

A Masters? – Yes/No?

Stefan Hagen is currently investigating this question on his blog – PM-Blog.com.


I would like to provide my opinion about this as well…

I think that further training in principle is always worth it. That is especially true in the fast-paced times we live in today. To what extent a masters in the area of project management is worth it, should be investigated further – also because it isn’t exactly cheap.


A good project manager is made of more than the certificate of a project management organization (PMI/PRINCE2/GPM/IPMA etc.) or a university degree. Aside from the personal skills and abilities that are needed – a project manager should also have a decent amount of (project) experience.


And you cannot get this at a university. Personally, I think – further training “yes”, but… Everybody has to find out for themselves which goal they are trying to achieve in the medium-term with this training and if achieving the goal is realistic given the specific conditions (time/talent/money).


Here is some more information:


Degree Program Project Management (Master of Arts)

Recently, I became aware of the offering by the Management Akademie Heidelberg (MAH for short). Within 21 months of studying, you can graduate with a Master of Arts in Project Management while doing your normal full-time job. The target group are skilled professionals and managers with project management experience.

  • Brochure Master of Arts in the degree program project management (PDF)


I would be happy to hear your suggestions and comments.

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