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What is Service Management?

Service management is used to optimize services. Originally, the term service management was only used within supply chain management. By now, it is used within IT as well. It describes all of IT’s efforts to support the businesses processes in the best possible way.


This has forced a shift of focus within IT from a technology orientation to a customer orientation. If companies want to independently act in the best interest of their clients, they need IT systems and processes they can use and adapt by themselves. This leads to a more efficient achievement of business goals.


Prozess- / Servicemanagement - Methoden

Advantages of IT Service Management

  • Quick and efficient operation of the company
  • Reduction of costs across the company
  • Closer ties and identification with the company,
    because employees and clients are better informed and more integrated

IT Service Management Frameworks

Most companies choose one of the following IT Service Management Frameworks to organize their IT processes. Frameworks are sets of rules, so-called Best Practices, that are comprised of proven methods and exemplary processes. Using these, companies can ensure that they have the appropriate processes to achieve their business goals.


Many companies choose one framework to work within. However, there are also companies that use parts of different frameworks in order to monitor and optimize company processes.

  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

    Originally, ITIL was developed by a British government agency. By now, it is a trade mark owned by AXELOS, a joint venture between the British government and the company Capita. Companies use ITIL to optimize processes. Its focus is on efficiency and effectiveness. An ITIL certification can be held by people only (not companies).

  • Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF)

    The MOF guidelines are used by the employees of a company in order to conceptualize, implement, optimize, but also eliminate or replace IT resources and IT processes.

Service Management Standards

IT Service Management Standards

Often, standards and frameworks are mentioned together despite the fact that they are very different concepts. While frameworks are “only” a summary of best practices, a standard is a clearly defined set of rules or requirement that a company has to follow in order to be compliant with the standard.


Standards allow companies to work toward specific, measurable goals in order to achieve a certification. This makes it possible for outsiders to objectively judge how a company is doing in terms of IT service management. Common standards in Germany are:

  • ISO/IEC 20000

    This is an internationally recognized norm within service management that is closely aligned with ITIL, but can also be used with other frameworks. ISO/IEC 20000 contains clear and measurable minimum requirements for the processes of a company in order to guarantee a level of quality of the IT services. Companies can achieve certification by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), if they comply with the standards of the norms. The certification has to be renewed every three years.

  • ISO 27001

    This standard deals with the security of an IT system. Companies have to comply with certain requirements for safeguards that are supposed to ensure that IT services are designed and implemented in a way that always protects the data of the company. When all requirements are met, a company can be certified by an independent and certified auditor. The certificate is valid for three years. However, yearly monitoring audits are necessary.

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