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We employ proven methods and tools of innovation management that foster innovation culture in your company. In doing so, we encourage your employees to consider new ideas. We inspire them to look forward to change and incite their creativity. In all of this, we act with noticeable ease and employ a pragmatic approach.

Our holistic approach will guide you and your company along the entire innovation process – no matter in which phase you find yourself at the moment.

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Reasons for Active Innovation Management in Your Company

  • Better Products, Processes, and Services
    Incremental innovations lead to optimized processes. Disruptive innovations lead to new work products. Both lead to better and more competitive results and improve the company’s position on the market. The market share increases and new markets can be explored.
  • Employees are asked to get involved and to collaborate
    Because of the recognition of their creativity and their empowerment they feel more connected to the company. All of this leads to more motivated employees. And this in turn not only leads to lower personnel turnover, but also results in improved recruiting.
  • Higher profits due to more effectiveness
    Better use of existing resources and more effective processes lead to lower production costs and increased profitability which in turn lead to higher profits.

What is innovation management?

According to ISPIM, the oldest, largest and most active association about this topic, innovation management is about how to successfully create new products, processes and services from ideas, to stimulate economic growth and well-being. More broadly put, innovation management includes all measures that are implemented to promote and use innovations within the company. Note that this doesn’t just put the innovation at the heart of it but includes also the benefits gained by implementing the innovation.


In the area of innovation management, we distinguish between incremental and disruptive innovations. Incremental innovations lead to optimized products, processes and services. The changes brought on by incremental innovations are often rather small and are aimed at cost reductions and greater competitiveness. Disruptive innovations are new technologies or ideas that can change entire markets or create entirely new markets.

Role and Processes of Innovation Management

The role of innovation management is the planning, control and monitoring of innovation processes. There are various models that include a different number of stages. The classic and most straightforward innovation process contains at least 3 stages:

Innovation Management – Our Methods

In the area of innovation management, many different creativity techniques and methods are used to generate ideas. Below, some of the most important methods that we use are described.

Innovationsmanagement - Methoden
  • 6-3-5 Method or Brainwriting
    The first step when using this creativity technique is for the participants to work together to define the problem. After that, 6 participants write down 3 possible solutions on a specific worksheet within the span of 5 minutes. The participants then pass on their worksheet to the participant to their right. During the next five minutes, the participant builds on the 3 ideas of his predecessor and changes them or develops them further. For this method to be successful, it is important that all participants are well informed about the problem itself.
Innovationsmanagement - Methoden
  • Design Thinking
    This method is suggested for complex problems. The focus in on the user. The company tries to understand the desires and needs of the user, so that solutions can be found for them. Design thinking is often understood as an approach rather than a method due to its complexity. However, design thinking can also be seen as a method.
Innovationsmanagement - Methoden
  • Idea Contests
    This method is often used at the beginning of the innovation process and aimed at generating ideas. For this method to be successful, it is important to choose the right participants ahead of time. Depending on the problem, the company can choose either the employees, clients, or other stakeholders of the company as participants.
Innovationsmanagement - Methoden
  • Lead User Workshops
    Lead user are users that are ahead of the general population in their market segment. They are market participants that face needs long before other users become aware of them. They might even have actively looked for solutions to their problems already. In lead user workshops, these progressive users are integrated at the very beginning of the development process.
Innovationsmanagement - Methoden
  • Mind-Mapping
    This method allows companies to visualize and organize information. When creating a mind-map, it is important that the problem is described very well at the beginning of the process. While the participants discuss the problem and possible solutions, major ideas are collected and summarized in a kind of map. The final map shows the problem in the middle surrounded by key words that are connected to each other where appropriate.
Innovationsmanagement - Methoden
  • Open Innovation
    Using this method, the company deliberately opens up the innovation process to its stakeholders (clients, suppliers, competition). This allows ideas to flow from inside of the company to the outside. It also allows the company to integrate ideas that originated outside of itself.

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