Digitization & Digital Transformation in the Company


Digital transformation and disruption on demand – a situation we already see in many companies today. The reasons are varied: an important client has specific requirements, a new trend is taking the industry by storm, or someone happens to have a “great idea”. We help you analyze what digitization can mean for your company. We help you to define clear goals and help you get there. Every company faces different challenges – depending on industry, size, clients, suppliers and more.

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What is Digitization?

Originally digitization was simply used to describe the transition from analog to digital. However, the definition of digitization today is a lot broader. Often, the word digitization is used as a synonym for “digital transformation” which actually describes the transformation process of society as a whole that was caused by digitization.



What does Digitization Mean for the Company?

Companies that know how to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization, can find themselves in a much more competitive position. Instead, companies that waste this opportunity can be surpassed by their competition.

Digital Products and Services

Digitization offers a company important opportunities when it comes to adapting their existing products and services to the new digital reality. Another possibility is that a company develops entirely new products and services.

Digitization of Processes

Digitization allows the company to connect individual processes into a network of processes. This can make the whole company more effective. The challenge in doing so is to adapt old business models to the new digital reality and to start operating under the new model. Especially helpful in this endeavor is process management.

Our Methods for Your Digital Transformation

For the digitization of a company, we apply agile project management methods like Scrum or creativity techniques and methods for the generation of ideas like design thinking which is part of innovation management.


Yes, a digital transformation can be achieved! In the “Digital Transformation Checklist”, you can learn about the 10 steps that you should take into consideration when tackling the digital transformation of your company. It will surprise you. You may download the checklist for free.


You can find out more about this topic in our blog post "Digital Readiness for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises – the Road to Digitization".

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