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In our article „The best German-Language Blogs about the Topic Digital Workspace [in German]“, we introduced you to the best blogs about the topic digital workspace. All of these blogs regularly publish new, high-quality articles about the topic. We are thankful to the many bloggers that answered our questions about their blog and the topic digital workspace.


Last time, we introduced you to the Management Circle AG blog. This time it’s all about the oneclick blog.

The oneclick AG is the provider of an out-of-the-box platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for implementing the digital workplace. On their blog, they talk about products, trends and their own company. Sometimes the topics are more technical, sometimes they are more of a panorama of the market and how it is developing. Read on now to find out what the oneclick team told us about their blog and which tips they shared about the topic digital workspace.


Since when do you run the blog?

Our oneclick™ blog is being published since April 2016.


Who is blogging? A team, one person?

There are two people here who actively blog. However, all of our staff provides valuable input.


Which topics are covered on your blog?
On our blog, we deal with everything surrounding the digital workspace. It’s mostly about technical topics, but we also try to cover trends such as the „workplace of the future“ and cover current developments.


Which article is the most popular article on your blog?

The most widely read article on our blog is about the topic „VDI und DaaS – Vor- und Nachteile” [in German].


Which article about the topic Digital Workspace would you recommend to our readers and why?
We would like to highlight two articles for your readers.


On one hand, we have very intensely dealt with the topic „workplace of the future“ and published numerous articles about it. As one example, I would like to mention the following article: Der Arbeitsplatz der Zukunft [in German]


On the other hand, we would like to suggest our article about „Cloud Computing 2018“. We spent an inordinate amount of time researching the topic and even created an infografic about the results as well as the trends: Cloud Computing 2018 – Infografik [in German]


Based on your experience, what is often the reason why companies struggle with the introduction and implementation of the digital workspace? What should companies keep in mind about the digital workspace when they do so?

We see that in companies it is partly the willingness to change that is missing. In addition, the experience with digital workspaces is limited and IT departments are so busy already that there is no time left to really consider the issue. Yet, companies can benefit from the many varied possibilities and advantages like for example the home office or a secure mobile access to applications or data. Digital workspaces relieve IT departments in particular and support staff in their daily work life.


Companies need to ensure that they are dealing with the topic digital workspace holistically and include staff in particular from the very beginning in the change process. This topic will inevitably play an important role for companies. An early and smooth implementation of the digital workspace creates a competitive advantage for companies in comparison to their competitors – in particular in regards to attracting skilled personell and in regards to work efficiency.


In your opinion, what is the most important trend in the Digital Workspace area? What should companies be prepared for?
In the future, the digital workspace will be the point of departure for central change and adaptation of new technologies like for example robotic process automation and smart decision making. Companies should be prepared in particular for the upcoming generational change (Gen Y, Z). The new generations have a different perception of IT and productivity and are very different in regards to their technological needs compared to today’s generation.


Many thanks for the peak behind the scenes, oneclick team! We are already looking forward to more great articles and will continue to read along. Again, here is the link to the oneclick blog for our readers who are now inspired we well to find out more: oneclick Blog.



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