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In our article „The Best German-Language Blogs about the Topic Digital Workspace“, we presented you with a number of blogs that regularly publish new, high-quality articles for their readers about the topic Digital Workspace. We are very happy that so many of the bloggers answered our curious questions about their blog and the topic Digital Workspace. Last time, we presented you the Dokumentenmanagement Blog of the agorum Software GmbH. This time, it’s all about the blog of the Management Circle AG, a provider of courses, conferences and conventions.


On their blog, they cover various topics (e.g. lean, production and maintenance). Often, they also cover digitization and the digital workspace. The blog is very informative. The main topic of the company is continuing education in the German-speaking region. In their courses and blog posts, they often also cover current developments in the economy or how companies deal with these changes. The team of the Management Circle kindly agreed to answer our questions about their blog and about the topic digital workspace.  


Since when do you run the blog?

Our blog about the topic Human Resources exists since February 2016. We publish new content on a weekly basis about the topics HR, recruiting, work 4.0 and also about the digital workspace. Furthermore, we also offer videos, infographics as well as white papers and downloadable checklists.


Who is blogging? A team, one person?

As an organizer of courses, we are in contact with a lot of top-level speakers, that support us with guest posts and interviews. Furthermore, we do our own research and write our articles. We are a small team and divided up the blogs thematically among us – every area has their own expert.


Which topics are covered on your blog?

Besides the HR topic, we have many more categories, that offer our clients relevant background information in the B2B area. We cover a wide variety of topics like lean management, digitization, energy, soft skills , banks, commerce, real estate, international business, customer service, marketing, project management  and administrative support.


Which article is the most popular article on your blog?

Very popular and also very fittingly about the topic digital workspace, which in itself reflects the importance of the topic itself: Human Resources 4.0 – Megatrends of Digitization (Part 1)


Which article about the topic Digital Workspace would you recommend to our readers and why?

I can recommend our recently published interview with our expert Ms. Andrea Kaden. She provides an exciting insight into how work might look like in 10 to 20 years and what role artificial intelligence might play in it. Beyond that you will receive a few tangible tips to deal with the flood of emails we all receive. Digital Office? That’s how you get started confidently and safely! [article in German]


Based on your experience, what is often the reason why companies struggle with the introduction and implementation of the digital workspace? What should companies keep in mind about the digital workspace when they do so?

Digitization also means that you first have to optimize and to identify the unnecessary. One of our experts once said: „Nothing comes out of digitizing a bad process. All you end up with is a bad digital process.“ I can imagine that many companies dread this first step of stocktaking –established longstanding processes.


In your opinion, what is the most important trend in the Digital Workspace area? What should companies be prepared for?

I think one of the most important trends is the disentanglement from location and time when it comes to working. Staff members want to be flexible with their time and their location. Today home office, tomorrow teleconference in a quiet room at work, after that a place outside and maybe work from lunch until late at night. These needs can be met by digitization and especially by a digital workspace. Companies have to stop limiting their staff members too much. Flexible work in all areas and in a modern, appealing environment does not only promote creativity, but also staff satisfaction.


Many thanks for the great explanations and tips, „Management Circle“ team! We will continue to follow along on your blog and are looking forward to your new posts at the Management Circle Blog. We also recommend for our readers to follow you over there of course.


Management Circle AG


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