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In the past few weeks, we already shared more details with you about some of the best German-language blogs about the topic digital workspace. This week you can find out more about the blog _Gemeinsam digital.


Our interview partner for this interviews was Mr. Tobias Thimm, project manager BVMW e.V. and responsible for PR at _Gemeinsam digital.


We are very happy that he took the time to answer our curious questions and not only let our readers take a peak behind the curtains at _Gemeinsam digital, but also provided some very useful tips about the topic digital workspace.


Since when do you run the blog?

The “Mittelstand 4.0-Kompetenzzentrum Berlin” has been sponsored by the BMWi since June 2016. Since September 2016 we regularly blog for the German SME.


Who is blogging? A team, one person?

We are a small team that looks after the blog and regularly shares ideas for new posts. In addition, we integrate the viewpoints of external authors in order to create new posts surrounding the topic digitization in SME.


Which topics are covered on your blog?

The focus of our activities are topics that are important to small and medium-sized companies in regards to digitization. We provide entrepreneurs as well as their employees with ideas that are supposed to accompany and inspire them during the digitization of their company.


We therefore specifically decided on the topics digital marketing, HR, and digital training, value added processes 4.0, business models as well as IT security and law.


Which article is the most popular article on your blog?

Our most successful article is the 6 Tipps für die Mitarbeitersuche im digitalen Zeitalter [article in German] and the announcement about our big Gamification event „GAME ON: Arbeitest du noch oder spielst du schon“. See for yourself: „Game on statt Game over! #SpielstDuSchon“ [article in German].


Which article about the topic Digital Workspace would you recommend to our readers and why?

In the XING series 15x Zukunft [in German] it’s all about the topic „Workplace-Wellbeing: Wie wichtig ist Wohlbefinden im Büro?“ in trend #12. Four experts discuss the digital workplace from different perspectives.


Tijen Onaran addresses four myth from the “new world of working” in her contribution which provides a good basis of information for entrepreneurs that are thinking about redesigning their workplaces.


I would also like to recommend our start-up safaris [events in German]. During every safari, we visit four companies that are on their way already and talk to the decision-makers about working practices, expectations and requirements for their workplace by the employees.


Based on your experience, what is often the reason why companies struggle with the introduction and implementation of the digital workspace? What should companies keep in mind about the digital workspace when they do so?

Things like a table foosball, a fruit basket etc. don’t really help if the overall foundation and the in-house atmosphere are not ok.


Every company should know right at the beginning which requirements for the digital workplace their own employees have. These should be at the center of the changes – changes that are just for show and that are not needed by anybody don’t help anybody.


The be-all and end-all is also authenticity. Pay attention to the necessary credibility in all of your efforts. Unkept promises quickly frustrate employees. No matter how the work end up getting done. It should always fit with your own requirements as well as those of your employees.


Especially for SME it is important to know that it doesn’t always have to be the big solution right away. Often even small changes lead to positive experiences and offer the chance to dive deeper into the change process of designing the digital workplace.


In your opinion, what is the most important trend in the Digital Workspace area? What should companies be prepared for?

Companies should be aware of the fact that reasonable workplace design leads to sustainable and positive effects. It can provide you with a competitive advantage especially in the competitive field of securing experts.


Thanks to a strong employer brand and a forward-looking workplace design, you can find new talent and keep them in your company for the long-run. This knowledge still has to become more a part of the thinking of all decision-makers.



Thanks again, Mr. Thimm! We are already looking forward to more useful articles about the topic digital workspace by you and your team and invite our readers to take a look at your blog as well: _Gemeinsam digital.


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