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Digitization and innovation management offer many opportunities for companies that know how to take advantage of them. Instead, companies that waste this opportunity can be surpassed by their competition. We keep you in the loop about the latest developments and provide you with inspiration on how to change things in your company, so that you can stay in the fast lane.


In order to improve existing conditions and effectively implement new measures, it is important to deliberately support the people in your company. In order to do this, you can rely on process management, project management and service management. And also in regard to these management services, we regularly provide news and food for thought which you can easily apply to your company.


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Portal Visions – The Intrexx Conference

Innovation Management – Part of today’s Companies

Lecture by Jörg Bofinger

Why is innovation management important for modern companies? What are the steps a company has to take when introducing innovation management? The lecture will provide an overview about the reasons as well

Review – PM Camp Zürich 2017

The PM Camp Zürich 2017 just happened. There were a lot of exciting sessions and discussions. As an echo of this year's PM Camps, you can find the beautiful pictures taken by Raisa Durandi on Flickr – find out for yourself.

The session documentation can be accessed on the openPM-Wiki. You can already see some of the sessions as well as the presentation by Matti Straub-Fischer there. There already are a lot more friends of the PM camp on their Facebook and Twitter pages. Next year, the 5th PM Camp Zürich will take place – the jubilee edition! I am already looking forward to Friday, June 15th 2018 and am adding the appointment to my calendar right now..

Jörg Bofinger

A Masters in Project Management – Is It Worth It?

A Masters? – Yes/No?

Stefan Hagen is currently investigating this question on his blog –   I would like to provide my opinion about this as well… I think that further training in principle is always worth it. That is especially true in the fast-paced times we live

PM Camp Zürich – we’ll be there!


Fourth PM Camp Zürich on June 16th, 2017

The PM Camp brings together people on an equal footing – to learn with and from each other and to design the future of project management together.

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