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In our last article we took a closer look at the so-called digital workspace in the German mid-side sector (i.e., the Mittelstand). This new way of working is spreading more and more quickly and is gaining in importance in smaller companies as well. Of course, from this new work environment with its new methods and tools arise also new problems once in a while. And of course many new possibilities!


In order to stay current no this topic, we recommend the following blogs to you. All are written in German, all regularly post new content and deal with the digital workspace (and sometimes other digitization topics). Have fun checking them out!


IOM Summit Blog 

On the IOM Summit Blog it’s all about establishing the digital workspace and the digital transformation in the company. Naturally, the blog is most active right before the yearly IOM Summit in September. However, there are interesting guest posts or interviews about digitization topics once in a while throughout the year. So, it’s worth taking a look on the website or subscribing for their newsletter.


Especially interesting is the guest post Kompetenz statt Qualifizierung – Mitarbeiter für den Digital Workplace befähigen [in German] which is a very exciting article about the topic digital competencies. Also the Twitter feed of the IOM Summit is very interesting. They regularly share interesting articles from around the net which helps you stay up to date. 


_Gemeinsam digital 

The blog _Gemeinsam digital is run by the “Mittelstand 4.0-Kompetenzzentrum Berlin” (competence center Berlin for the mid-size sector in regard to the industry 4.0) and deals with the topic digitization. Even though the competence center is mostly responsible for companies in Berlin and Brandenburg, it also supports companies Germany-wide. And the blog is not targeted specifically to the region Berlin/Brandenburg, but instead deals with topics that are interesting to mid-size companies in all of Germany.

The article Mitarbeiterbindung im digitalen Zeitalter [in German] is highly topical in a time in which many companies have trouble keeping their employees in the long-run. Also the guest article Neue Risiken für den Mittelstand [in German] is very helpful for mid-size companies that want to protect themselves against cybercrimes. On Twitter, the competence center is very active and continually shares interesting articles.   


Mr. Thimm answered our questions about the blog and the topic digital workspace. Read his very interesting answers in this article: Digital Workspace Blog: _Gemeinsam digital.


Fraunhofer IAO Blog 

Already since 2009 the researchers of the Fraunhofer IAO blog weekly on the IAO-Blog. The topic of the blog is very broad as challenges and trends surrounding the working population are described. However, it is more and more about digitization.

One of the newest articles is highly topical and very interesting for mid-sized companies: Digitale Transformation: Neue Innovationswege für Mittelständler [in German]. The topic of the scientific year 2018 is „working worlds of the future“. Because of this, you can find particularly many and good articles about the digital workspace (e.g., Working anywhere – Home Office & Co. [in German]). The Fraunhofer IAO is very active on Twitter as well.  


Management Circle Blog 

The Management Circle AG blog, a provider of courses, conferences, and conventions, deals with different topics in the categories lean, production and maintenance. Because the company moves with the times, they often touch on digitization and the digital workspace.

Very interesting and helpful is one of the newest articles: Mit 7 Tipps zum digitalen Arbeitsplatz der Zukunft [in German]. The article offers mid-size companies in particular a great summary of what should be kept in mind when implementing a digital workspace. 

The Management Circle team answered our questions about their blog and the topic digital workspace. Read on here for interesting insights of the Management Circle team here: Digital Workspace Blog: Management Circle.


Digital Workspace Blogs



Arbeitsplatz 4.0 

On this blog run by United Planet/Intrexx, the manufacturer or a portal software that supports clients in their digitization process, it is all about the workspace 4.0, i.e., the Arbeitsplatz 4.0. They post only about once a month, but the topics are always interesting.

We recommend in particular the article Schöne neue Welt: 6-Tage-Woche dank Digitalisierung?! [in German]. In it, the impact of digitization is looked at a little more critically. It also provides a few good tips on how to avoid certain problems. Furthermore, also te regular tweets by Intrexx about the topic are interesting.  


Mr. Bachmann answered our questions about the blog and the topic digital workspace. Read his very interesting answers in this article: Digital Workspace Blog: Arbeitsplatz 4.0


Dokumentenmanagement Blog 

As the name of the blog implies, it is all about document management. The Blog is run by the agorum® Software GmbH, a manufacturer of an open source document management system. Naturally, they recommend the use of their own software on their blog.

However, fhe articles are also very interesting for readers that rely on other systems and the blog offers valuable information about the topic documents in digital transformation. We found the article Vom Dokumentenmanagementsystem zum Digital Workplace [in German] particularly interesting.  

Mr. Schulze of the agorum Software GmbH answered our questions about the Dokumentenmanagement Blog and the topic digital workspace. Please follow this link to read his very interesting answers and explanations: Digital Workspace Blog: agorum


oneclick™ Blog 

The oneclick AG offers a one-stop-shop solution that allows users to access both software as well as data directly online. They post new content on their oneclick Blog multiple times a month. All articles cover the topic digitization and many speak specifically about the topic Digital Workplace.

We especially recommend the two articles Virtueller Desktop [in German] and Führungsstil 4.0 – Chef sein im Digitalen Zeitalter [in German]. The article about the management style 4.0 in particular contains a lot of good tips for the managers of mid-sized companies.


The oneclick team answered our questions about their blog and the topic digital workspace. Read on here for interesting insights of the oneclick team here: Digital Workspace Blog: oneclick


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