The best German-Language Blogs about the Topic Digital Workspace

In our last article we took a closer look at the so-called digital workspace in the German mid-side sector (i.e., the Mittelstand). This new way of working is spreading more and more quickly and is gaining in importance in smaller companies as well. Of course, from this new work environment with its new methods and […]

Digital Workspace

Since quite some time now, the so-called digital workspace is on everyone’s mind. When companies use it correctly, a digital workspace can lead to better communication within the team. Whole work processes can be designed in a much less complicated way and lead to less mistakes in the business operations.   Just like digitization overall, the digital […]

Digital Readiness for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises – the Road to Digitization

Where are the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Regards to Digitization? Digitization really is not a new topic. And according to an article by the Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft und Energie [in German] small and medium-sized enterprises take more and more advantage of it:   „About 60 percent of the companies are connected digitally to their business clients, every […]

What SME can Learn From the New Capgemini IT Trends Study

Capgemini recently published the results of their newest study: Studie IT-Trends 2018 [in German]. For this study, they interviewed 121 CIOs (or people at a similar level) from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The majority of the participants’ companies have an annual revenue of at least 500 million euros.   According to the Institut für Mittelstandsforschung Bonn, […]

Digitization Projects & Project Management 

What does digitization have to do with entrepreneurial and social skills? More than you would think. That’s at least the conclusion Dr. Matthias Eberspächer reaches after having conversations with experts the results of which he describes in one of his newest articles.   In order to read the original article, please click here: Braucht die digitale […]