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Digital transformation, disruption, industry 4.0 – we encounter these buzzwords of the digital future everywhere these days. They don’t always help us to identify which of the many opportunities might be right for us and how to realize our full potential in this new environment. Our consulting firm has more than 15 years of experience in the implementation of IT-supported change processes – nationally as well as internationally.


So 8 a.m. Consult really knows the challenges that today’s companies face. We are headquartered in Donaueschingen, a city in the south of Germany in the region “Blackforest-Baar”. For our clients we also regularly work in surroundings towns in Germany and Switzerland (e.g. Basel, Freiburg, Stuttgart, Bielefeld, Nuremberg or Munich).

Our Services for Your Digital Future

You determine the direction!


Our services cover a wide variety of options within the topic areas of innovation and process optimization. We always keep your concerns and requirements in mind: You determine the exact extent of our involvement and our role in your project. You choose how we can support you and your project. Whether as a consultant or advisor, whether as a provider of new ideas or a project-/process-manager, we are happy to help you make your projects a success.

Business & IT Consulting

An increase in competition as well as higher expectations by clients, globalization, technological advances, and changing work environments – in order to keep or improve their position in the market in this new reality, companies have to be very innovative today. Our business & IT consulting regarding innovation management and digitization supports you in this endeavor!

Management Services

The increased complexity and speed of more and more changes are altering the way we work. Strategies that worked so well yesterday are no longer effective and have to be adjusted. The technical adjustments can only be successful though, if you are able to help the people in your company to get on board. With our expertise in various management services, we can support you as you take your next step toward the digital future.


The digitization and innovation workshops offered by 8 a.m. Consult will increase the expertise and knowledge of our clients in the following areas: creativity, idea generation, Design Thinking and innovation culture.
They will also help you develop or improve your creative skill set.

Digital Readiness Check –
How well prepared is your company?

Sign up for our free "Digital Readiness Check" that doesn’t ask you to commit to anything but learn about yourself. „The dangerous overconfidence when it comes to digitization“ - that is how a big German newspaper, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), titled their article about a study done by etventure. This article really hits the nail on the head. The implementation of the digital transformation still continues to be difficult for German companies.

This is what our clients say about us…

"Capable partner for a managed services IT operation using Azure and Office 365"

Marché is a global and innovative company in the gastronomy sector with roots in Switzerland and an independent business unit of the Mövenpick Group. We have over 180 restaurants and about 2800 employees in 11 countries in Europe, North America and Asia. Last year, in 2018, Marché was facing the challenge of having to safeguard the current international IT operations within ¾ of a year. To do so, we were looking for an experienced partner that would competently stand by our side from tendering the services all the way to the operational handover to a service provider. We found exactly that partner in the 8 a.m. Consult KG and Mr. Bofinger!
Their many years of experience in planning and implementing complex IT infrastructure, rollout and transition projects, paired with their expertise of implementing managed services was exactly what we were looking for. Together with the 8 a.m. Consult KG and our new managed service provider, in a very short timeframe, we were able to map almost 100% of our infrastructure on Microsoft Azure and Office 365 and to migrate our IT services into the cloud.

Chrisovalantis Mousenidis, IT director Marché Mövenpick Deutschland GmbH

Marché Int.

"Likable, Emphatic and Clever"

Likable, emphatic and clever – this is how 8 a.m. Consult masters our challenges; whether they are complex topic areas or urgent calls for help with minor emergencies. If necessary also past 6 pm. While doing so, 8 a.m. patiently fights for our common goal and explains things in a way that we can understand. With their broad knowledge, they always find solutions, that fit with our company size. And that's how it's actually fun to have a cup of coffee with Mr. Bofinger (he really loves coffee) and talk. In short, wholeheartedly recommended


Reinhilde Heim, owner, KASSANDRA Werbeagentur

KASSANDRA Werbeagentur

"Successful Implementation of Office 365 & Skype for Business"

At about 400 employees, we are a medium-sized service provider for project management. Dependable communication and good collaboration between and at our 19 worldwide locations is very important to us. That is why we decided to go with Office 365 and Skype for Business as our new, companywide videoconferencing solution. And with 8 a.m. Consult, we had a great partner at our side. They not only handled our technical and organizational challenges very well, but also integrated and managed our internal IT personnel wonderfully. Within the forecasted 6-months timeframe, we successfully completed the implementation of Skype for Business. And not only our employees, but also our clients and partners are benefitting from the new solution. We are very satisfied with the product itself as well as the implementation. Therefore, we happily recommend 8 a.m. Consult as a service provider.


Oliver Thost, Managing Director, THOST Projektmanagement GmbH

THOST Projektmanagement GmbH
roedl und partner

"Standardization of Back Office Infrastructure and Applications"

Standardization projects in a decentralized company are a big challenge for project management. Because they impact almost everybody, changes within the IT infrastructure have to be handled particularly delicately when dealing with the various departments. Furthermore, efficient management of the cost-and-benefit-optimizing measures is needed. Together, the central service provider and the local partners at the various sites planned and implemented the standardization of the infrastructure and applications of the local back offices at the over 20 German sites of Rödl & Partner. By providing consulting regarding the management of the project, 8 a.m. Consult contributed significantly to the overall success.


I. Wolf, CIO Rödl & Partner GmbH

Rödl & Partner
Bechtle IT-Systemhaus Bielefeld

"Dependable partner with comprehensive expertise"


8 a.m. Consult is a dependable partner with comprehensive expertise in the areas of service management and process management. Thanks to their skilled consulting and support, we were able to sustainably improve the implementation and service performance for our national and international clients.


M. Tappe, Managing Director Bechtle GmbH & Co. GK – IT-Systemhaus Bielefeld

Bechtle IT-Systemhaus Bielefeld

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