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We’ll be There –  Events Q2 – 2019 


You can meet us at various events during the second quarter of this year – this time as a participant. As always, we would be excited to connect with you, should you happen to be in attendance as well. Just let us know and we’ll meet up for a coffee. Simply send an email to info@8amconsult.de. 


Digitalgipfel 2019 Wirtschaft 4.0 BW in April in Stuttgart 

This year’s Digitalgipfel is taking place on April 11th 2019 in the Carl Benz Arena in Stuttgart. It is organized by the ministry for economy, work and residential construction of Baden-Württemberg. Last year, there were over 1200 participants. You can imagine what a big event this is.  


The Digitalgipfel is particularly interesting for small and medium-sized companies from the region. You can exchange ideas with other companies of the same size, get inspired by the speeches and learn about the newest trends in digitization. They also have workshops where you can try your hand at different things (for example coding). And participation is free! 


You can find all the information about this event and details about the registration here: https://www.wirtschaft-digital-bw.de/service/veranstaltungen/detailseite/digitalgipfel-2019-wirtschaft-40-bw-240/ 


Verrocchio Innovation Summit in May in Düsseldorf 

The Verrochio Innovation Summit is organized by the verrocchio Institute for Innovation Competence. On May 23rd, verrocchio is hosting the so-called „Fuck-Up Night“ (including dinner) and the summit is happening the day after. On May 24th it’s all about „HANDS-ON“: innovation, insights and networking. You can look forward to the keynotes by the two verrocchio founders Benno van Aerssen and Christian Buchholz, speeches by other innovators and a lot more 


You can find out more about the event here: http://verrocchio-innovators-summit.com


What do you have planned for the 2nd quarter of 2019? If you are aware of an exciting speech about the topics digitization or innovation, please let us know in the comments.  

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